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Networking IT Support

Network Installation

Replace the tangle of network cables underneath your desk with a professionally-installed wired network. With ample connection points throughout the office, future expansion will not be a problem - e.g. adding more computers or connecting a new networked printer, fax or copier. You network will be more reliable and depending on the setup, up to 10 to 100 times faster too. Subject to the the layout, size, number of points required, etc. a reliable wired network (which can carry telephone extensions too) may be as little as £500 for a single room office with ample points installed.

Wireless Installation

We always recommend wired networks over wireless for optimal security and reliability. However, if wireless is required instead of or as an additional networking method, we will ensure your network is secured to the computers in your office only.

Wireless Security Audit

Did you know that your wireless network can be automatically 'hacked' in less than 5 minutes if it is not fully secured. We will check that your wireless setup is as secure as possible, and if you are using older wireless technology, will advise you of this.

Remote Office Link

Allow home workers or satellite offices to connect securely with your main office network. An encrypted link called a VPN Tunnel will be set up. This means that any data transferred between your office and remote worker cannot be 'sniffed' by intermediate computers on the Internet - e.g. at your ISP's offices.


A competitive rate of £50 per hour is charged for all support work (subject to a minimum 1 hour charge per on-site visit). There are no other charges to pay (e.g. we do not charge travelling time or require a yearly subscription.

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