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General IT Support

EasyNoodle undertake any size task ranging from full network and computer installations for medium-sized businesses to rectifying stability issues on single computers (e.g. due to spyware infestations). Can't remember how to accomplish a particular task in, say, Word? We will remind you over the phone.

We listen to what you want and provide solutions that fit your needs. We will never push services that you don't need. At all times we use the simplest solution that solves your problem now and allows for future expansion. For example, if you don't need a multi-thousand pounds server for your small business - we certainly won't try to sell you one - many IT providers will - we won't.

Contact us now and find out how well we suit your needs. The first visit is normally free and allows us both to decide if we can work together effectively. If the first visit is simply to resolve an immediate problem, it is charged at out normal rates.

Some of the tasks we undertake

Virus and Spyware Issues

Modern spyware is increasingly resiliant to automatic deletion. Spyware will often resort to mulitiple paths of infection, so that as soon as one path is cleaned, another path is waiting to take over. Manual removal is often necessary in these cases, and we have lots of experience at this, including, if necessary, determining the original point of infection.


Take back control of your e-mail. We have lots of experience in resolving unreliable e-mail setups with new customers. Again, we do it the simple and reliable way. Full spam filtering available on our dedicated mail servers. Or if you are using your own mail server, we will find the right solution for you. E.g. if you are using Outlook 2003 or above, it has spam filtering built in and can be updated each month via a free download from Microsoft.

Computer Crashes/Blue Screens

We analyse Windows 'crash dumps' to determine the exact cause of the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' and unexplained restarts - even when the Microsoft 'Recovered from a Serious Error' dialog is unhelpful. Microsoft will not always state the likely cause of a crash when a 3rd party vendor is implicated to avoid possible legal issues.

Although it may appear to be quite a disorganised event when Windows crashes, a Blue Screen crash is a highly-controlled sequence of events. When Windows detects serious errors - errors that could cause your data to become corrupted, Windows saves a special log file that details the error that it detected and it then carries out a controlled shutdown or restart sequence - The Blue Screen of Death. This is actually a good thing because it is designed to prevent, as much as possible, data corruption (e.g. your accounts data).

We analyse these saved crash logs and can pinpoint the reason for the failure and rectify it - even weeks after the crash. You will be left with a rock-solid machine that will run continuously without a single crash. Please note applications that crash but do not cause a blue screen are a different situation, but these crashes can still be analysed and where possible a fix or patch installed.

Computer Installation

If you need new computers, we will supply the computer or a recommended purchase, and fully set it up for your office including all the software that you use for your business.

Computer Upgrades

Increasing the amount of RAM in your computer can significantly improve its performance and increase your staff productivity too. A single computer can typically be upgraded for as little as £70. Downtime is minimal as no software needs to be installed or old data to transfer. The upgrade is performed on site, so we do not have to remove your computers.

Server Installation

A server is a computer much like the computer on your desktop, but it is 'tuned' to perform well at serving up files and running programs that do not need a person in front of it. Good quality servers also have 'beefier' and more reliable electronic components in them, which means they are less likely to go wrong.

A high-quality server suitable for many small businesses does not need to cost many thousands of pounds.

If your business requires a server for shared files, or for security reasons - e.g. to restrict what each staff member has access too (e.g. accounts and personnel records), we will supply or recommend appropriate server equipment for you. Be aware that other providers can easily charge several thousand pounds for a vastly overspecified, oversized and overnoisy server that you don't really need. We have seen businesses comprised of a handful of people that have purchased servers capable of running small corporations.

When appropriate for you, we keep it simple and supply major brand servers (e.g. Hewlett Packard, Compaq, etc.), fully configured for as little as £1000.

Network Installation

Replace the tangle of network cables underneath your desk with a professionally-installed wired network. With ample connection points throughout the office, future expansion will not be a problem - e.g. adding more computers or connecting a new networked printer, fax or copier. Your network will be more reliable and depending on the setup, up to 10 to 100 times faster too. Subject to the layout, size, number of points required, etc. a reliable wired network (which can even carry telephone extensions too) may be as little as £500 for a single room office with ample points installed for several members of staff, their printers, faxes, telephones and other networked devices.

Wireless Installation

We always recommend wired networks over wireless for optimal security and reliability. However, if wireless is required instead of or as an additional networking method, we will ensure your network is secured to the computers in your office only.

Wireless Security Audit

Did you know that your wireless network can be automatially 'hacked' in less than 5 minutes if it is secured using the default security options of most Wi-Fi devices. Security researchers found serious weaknesses in the WEP encryption scheme - if you are using WEP to secure your Wi-Fi network, think very carefully about the data that travels over your network (e-mail usernames, passwords, confidential information, etc.). We will check that your wireless setup is secured using methods recommended by experts in the field of encryption and Wi-Fi security. Using an insecure Wi-Fi network leaves you open to data protection issues, identify theft and many other situations that it's in your interest to avoid.

Remote Office Link

Allow home workers or satellite offices to connect securely with your main office network. An encrypted link called a VPN Tunnel will be set up. This means that any data transferred between your office and remote worker cannot be 'sniffed' by intermediate computers on the Internet - e.g. at your Internet service provider's offices.


A competitive rate of £50 per hour is charged for all support work (subject to a minimum 1 hour charge per on-site visit). There are no other charges to pay (e.g. we do not charge travelling time or require a yearly subscription).

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