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Animated Matrix Wallpaper (beta 0.2)

Animated Matrix Code on the Desktop

The Animated Matrix Wallpaper puts the Matrix code on your Windows desktop. It uses virtually no processor time, so can be left running all the time without slowing down your PC.

Download the Matrix Animated Wallpaper

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If your computer was made this century, it can probably run the Animated Matrix Desktop.

  • OS: Windows 98 and above.
  • Computer: 200MHz or above (it does not need a powerful processor).
  • Graphics Card: A medium power 3D Graphics Card (less than 10 years old will do).
  • nVidia Cards Tested: TNT, GeForce 2, 3 and 4.
  • ATI Cards Tested: Radeon 9000, 9800
  • Matrox Cards Tested (G450, G550): These cards do not support features required by Matrix Desktop, therefore Matrix Desktop will not run with either of these cards.
  • DirectX: version 7 or above.

Install the Animated Matrix Wallpaper

Installation is not necessary. Just download The Animated Matrix Wallpaper and run it.

You may need to hide your current desktop wallpaper, since the Animated Matrix Wallpaper runs behind your normal desktop picture.


  • This is 'beta' software.
  • You use this program at your own risk.
  • If you have a video, DVD or TV channel playing, start The Animated Matrix Wallpaper first, otherwise you won't see the animation. Your Videos will play back normally even if the animated desktop is running.
  • The Animated Matrix Wallpaper does not change your computer configuration, other than temporarily un-stretching your normal desktop picture.
  • You will need to manually change any full-size desktop pictures to smaller images or none at all. If you have a stretched or tiled background, The Matrix Animated Wallpaper will center the picture for you and restore it to the previous setting when it is closed.


This will download in a few seconds. Do not download it 10 times in a row, like some people do, because they missed the progress bar and think nothing happened.

Download The Animated Matrix Wallpaper

Click to download the zip (36 k)

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