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Some of the customers we’ve helped

When I got Joe in, the whole computer system suddenly worked for the first time. I didn’t have to keep calling him back like my previous network engineer. I'm very happy and have total confidence in your services.

Sally Writer, Managing director

A1 Legal Services

I’m happy to write about the work Joe has carried out for our company over many years. He’s one of those people who have a passion for getting things right whether it’s electronics design, software authoring, network installation or plain and simple PC support. You can consult him about just about anything technical, he’ll fix it and the problem won’t recur. Developer of our second most successful product ever, RoamerWorld, launched in 1996, Joe still provides Valiant with support for school customers, webhosting and office IT maintenance when required.

Local Harpenden enterprises: businesses, schools, charities, home workers: are fortunate indeed to have a man of his experience and unsurpassed skills. People seeking ‘perfect’ IT support have found it. Whenever I’ve recommended Joe to others, they’ve always been thoroughly pleased with the quality of his work. Give Easynoodle.co.uk a try for reliability, fast response, conscientious follow-through and good value; all in all, a truly first-class service.

Gillian Manvell, Commercial director

Valiant Technology Ltd


Joe came to us with some really fresh ideas for what had become a stale and out of date website. He took the information we gave him and with it, created web pages that attract and inform the visitor. We are so grateful for the introduction to Joe and hope that he will continue with his remote support for as long as we need him. It is so comforting to staff to know that he is just a phone call away.

Marva Trenton, Director

Lambeth Family Link


I identified a need for a special mouse to remove the setup uncertainties that were hampering use of switches with specialist software. Teachers in school were spending far too much time at the start of lessons trying to get equipment to respond. I asked Joe Butler whether he could manufacture a mouse for SEN software. He came up with the SEN Switchmouse and we bought 40. They are in use throughout the school in every class and work without problems. We are very pleased with this design and with the reliability of Joe’s manufacture.

Almarie Mostert, Team Leader for ICT

The Michael Tippett School

As a trainer myself, I value Joe's relaxed and informative presentations. He gives me confidence in my own computer skills and makes me feel like an effective PC user. I've never found a question he could not answer and it's excellent to feel he's on the end of the telephone. Whenever I have had a computer issue, he's responded straight away and quickly rectified the problem.

I highly recommend Joe as both technical trainer and for PC support. We're lucky to have him on the doorstep.

Bruce Marshall

Consultant and Trainer in Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults


As a professional photographer, I have an image-laden website and presentation is important. My original designers, a well-known national firm, said they would build a "most wonderful website" - yet kept asking me for directions and didn't make any suggestions of their own. I believe that because they were a large company, they were not that concerned about giving me a perfect result - they just wanted to churn out another job. After they had finished the site, they contacted me again: for extra money, they would be able to "make it better" (than the original, "most wonderful website").

Joe's was a more personalised service and also more knowledgeable. He optimised the Gallery and the whole thing got snappier. Best of all, he got on with the job without badgering me all the time and improved on what I had in mind. Happy to recommend him.

Alan Jacobs



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