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SEN Switch Mouse Details

No more wasted time setting up switches.

The mice are optical, to minimise problems with fluff and build up of grime. USB means that the mouse can be plugged into a running computer at any time. Each mouse is fully tested before despatch and comes with a 12-month guarantee that it will work if you don't mistreat it.

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If you have trackerballs or other pointing devices plugged into your computer, our SEN Switch Mouse will co-exist with them. Windows will allow many mice to be plugged into a computer at the same time and each one can control the on-screen cursor.

The SEN Switch Mouse requires absolutely no setup and will even work on "locked down", "managed service" networks since it is seen by the computer as "just another mouse". With no software to install, there is no need to call in the service provider or your technician just because you want to use a new device. Plug the SEN Switch Mouse into any available USB port and it is ready to use with one or 2 external switches or as a normal mouse.

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